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Gutter guards are an effective way of keeping your gutter system free from leaves and debris.

Our roof plumbers now install a new form of gutter guard from Blue Mountain Mesh which is a much superior product compared to the plastic handy-man products sold in hardware shops. Blue Mountain Mesh is a flexible, lightweight, aluminum product which fits seamlessly to your gutters and roof system, accommodating for all roof types including corrugated iron, trim deck, tiles and more.


With a wide range of colours to choose from, the mesh, trims and fixings can match all Colorbond colours.



Benefits of using Blue Mountain Mesh:

  • Reduces gutter maintenance: No more cleaning out leaves before winter
  • Reduces fire risk: Keeping gutters free from leaves and debris which can cause the spread of fires to your home
  • Extends gutter life: Having a blockage free gutter system limits the amount of moisture that remains in your gutters after rain,  preventing premature rust and corrosion


Blue Mountain Mesh comes with a manufacturers guarantee, which meets Australian standards and bush fire ratings.


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